Full Form Of All Computer’s Devices : Desktop Full form, Monitor Full Form, Mouse full Form, Keyboard full Form, UPS Full Form, CPU Full Form, USB Full Form

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Full Form of All Computer’s Devices

What’s Computer (कंप्युटर क्या है ?) : कंप्यूटर एक ऐसा Electronic Device है, जो Input के रूप में Data को लेकर उसे Process करके Output के रूप में हमें देता है। उसे ही कंप्यूटर कहा जाता है।


Full Form Of Computer’ Devices & innovation Details
Device Name Full Form Innovation Date Inventor




P-Purposely Used for

T-Technological and



1837  Charles Babbage
DESKTOP Distruibted  Enterprise Support  Kit  Total Optimized  Power 1964 Italian company Olivetti
MONITOR Machine Output Number Information To Organize Report 1897  Karl Ferdinand Braun
VDU Video Display Unit 1897   Karl Ferdinand Braun
KEYBOARD Keys Electronic Yet Board Operating A to z Response Directly 1868 Christopher Lathom Sholes
MOUSE Manually Operated User Selection Equipment 1960 Douglas Carl Engelbart
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply 1932  John J. Hainley
CPU Central Processing Unit 1971 Fedriko Fagin
RAM Random Access Memory 1968 Robbert Denard
ROM Read Only Memory 1971 Frohman
URL Uniform Resource Locator 1991 Tim Byrners Li
USB Universal Serial Bus 1999 Aamir Bain, Dav moran, Oran Ogdan
VIRUS Vital Information Resource Under Siege 1949 John Wan Nyuman
DVD Digital Versatile Disc 1996  Japan
IP Internet Protocol 1963 Aportnet
SMPS Switched-Mode Power Supply 1972 Hewlet Paicard
WWW World Wide Web 1989 Tim Burners Li
CD Compact Disc 1982 James Russel
HTTPS Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure 1934 Ted Nelsan
LAN Local Area Network 1973 Metcalfe Boggs
MB Mega-bytes
HDD Hard Disk Drive 1956 IBM
TB Tera-bytes




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